SC2CTL Dogecoin Series: Deimos vs LYGF

What is dogecoin?

dogecoin is an online-only cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin. Coins are generated through solving cryptographic problems of increasing difficulty, and every member of the dogecoin network also acts as a banker to keep all transactions honest. What this means in the context of this match, is that dogecoins are a fun currency that exist inside computers and can be paid out to winners instantly, no questions asked.

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When: Thursday, Jan 23th @ 8PM EST
Where: SC2CTL Stream Page
Prizes: 20k dogecoin starting pool (donation information below)
Teams: Deimos vs LYGF
Format: Six games of fixed-rosters, plus ace match

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Our excellent casting team of wingnutsc and gallagation will treat you darling shibes with sweet live casting over on the SC2CTL Stream.
Enjoy a fine selection of "wow"s, "much"s and perhaps even some "amaze".

If you're interested in checking out the VODs of previous matches, you can take a gander at the Archive YouTube Channel

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The dogecoin pool for this event starts at TWENTY THOUSAND dogecoins. Plus, has offered to match contributions to the prize pool, up to 50k. So if some rich shibes donate a total of 50k doges, the prize pool will be at one hundred and twenty thousand doges.

The prize pool will be awarded per-win. So, if a player wins a game, their team will take home 1/7th of the prize pool. This means that, no matter what, all seven games will be played! If you wish you contribute, you can: donate on dogeapi or you can send directly to the address: DCqMrhmJf7no3eW5fqpsH4fU8cDsKBiqSR

The total prize pool (with donations) is:

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+ -20000 matching) = -20000 doge.

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If you want to fund future events use the address: D7TBQzYdb3kHvtVyNUzDdcna52zgwuYhf8

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Bails (P) Yeonsu LE Tassadar (P)
DeeMo (T) Polar Night LE dynamite (T)
KoMA (T) Star Station TE MotoK (T)
Guitarcheese (Z) Frost LE Believe (P)
Drunkenboi (T) Bel'Shir Vestige LE Badcop (T)
Siphonn (P) Fruitland StuN (P)
ACE Habitation Station ACE